The Busy Time

Old Center Church
Center Church, Lopez Island Washington

From about mid March to mid April is without a doubt the busiest time of year for my Real Estate Photography business. For the past 3 or 4 years, I’ve created content for the Real Estate books that are available on the Washginton State Ferries (San Juan Islands run) and other locations as well. Typically the deadline is the first week of April so my phone really starts to ring in late March. The goal is to shoot a few new images of last year’s listings and get at least a few “money” shots for new listings.

And of course Mother Nature gets a vote. A really, really big vote since these are basically advertising images and late March and early April aren’t the most predictable months in the PNW. But this year the weather was quite cooperative and I just mananged to get everything done.

I’ve also shot “Ferry Book” images for Windermere San Juan Island and Coldwell Banker San Juan Islands but this year’s focus was primarily Windermere Lopez Island. So if you find yourself on a San Juan Island ferry, pick up a copy of their book and have look. I’m so very gratefully of my cliens who appreciate and support my photography.

When the season kicks in, my personal work takes a back seat to my client work, but I still found time to squeeze in some of my own photography. And this spring I’ve been back into shooting, and developing, black and white film on an old Hasselblad SWC/M Super Wide. This is a relatively new camera for me so, as usual, I revisited some of my favorite locations to get a feel for how this ole gal works.

And if you’ve been following along for even a little while, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I must be on a “Holy Grail” type search for the “Perfect” film camera. And I confess it seems that way to me as well. All I want is a camera that “fits” me and is a joy to use. And this old Hasselblad feels really, really close.

I make no promises, cause my track record would laugh at me, but I’m optimistic that this one’s a keeper.

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