My Favorite Images from 2018

2108 was a big year of change for my photography. I set out to spend more time on the creative side of photography and less time on the “community” side of photography. To that end I walk away from social media (Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, 500px etc). In addition I refocused my website towards my Architectural, Interior and commercial work and have been pursuing my landscape passion as personal projects with a more focused view.

Currently I’m chasing five projects that I expect to be multiple year endeavours:

  • Fair Isle Scotland – Having only visited this amazing and isolated island once, I barely know it. But I’ve already booked next year’s trip with a slightly longer stay so I’m looking forward to deepening this relationship.
  • North Cascades – I have a 7 day backpacking trip to Mt Robson in British Columbia, so I’m pretty sure that will necessitate a number of North Cascade trips to prep my gear and shed the fat and cobwebs I’ve added over the winter. I’m quite in love with Alpine Lakes so these will be easy “fitness” trips.
  • Pacific Coast – The Pacific Coast is more a fling than a project at this point. I don’t get there as often as I’d like but I thoroughly enjoy my time there. I added it as a project to push myself west more often.
  • Lighthouses – This is my longest of photographic pursuits, well perhaps obsession would be more accurate. And I’ll continue to plan travel that just “happens” to be near a stunning lighthouse.
  • The Palouse – Unfortunately I didn’t get back to the Palouse this year. But I’m hoping to change that in 2019 with at least one visit. This is another location whoes beauty completely overwhelms me so I need to revisit often to take it all in and have any hope of capturing it.
  • Rock Abstracts – This is an offshoot of my passion for long exposure photography. I’m fascinated by the beauty of the motion of water as it makes its way in and around rocks in rivers, streams and ocean currents.


This year I’m not listing my favorites in any particular order, just putting them out there with a bit of background. And, for those interested, you can see my favorite 2018 Commercial images on my website.

South End Lighthouse – Fair Isle Scotland

If I had imagined my own personal photo nirvana, it would have been Fair Isle Scotland. A pair of stunning lighthouse, a small amazing community and a striking coastline. I could spend a lifetime visiting this isolated island in the North Sea and never adequately capture its beauty.

South Light
South End Lighthouse – Fair Isle Scotland

This shot was part of a series during an amazing morning twilight and sunrise shoot. It was no easy feet choosing my fav.

Hidden Lake Lookout – Marblemount Washington

This images was quite a surprise as it was taken in the taboo, mid-day, harsh light that we landscape photographers are taught to avoid. But in this case some high clouds moderated the extreme light and rewarded a personally challenging effort.

Hidden Lake
Hidden Lake – Marblemount Washington

Rock Abstract – Sucia Island Washington

An unnamed rock on the southern finger of Fossil Bay on Sucia Island. This was my first trip to this jewel of the San Juan Islands, but a photographer chasing Rock Abstracts could spend a lifetime here.

Sucia Island
Rock Abstract – Sucia Island Washington

Patos Island Lighthouse – Patos Island Washington

This was my third trip to Patos Island and my love for this tiny slice of paradise hasn’t diminished one bit. Although I’ve taken many photo of this sweet little lighthouse, I’m still drawn to it.

Patos Island
Patos Island Lighthouse – Patos Island Washington

Lanai – Kaanapali Beach Mai Hawaii

It can be a challenge to capture landscape images on Fujifilm Velvia 50  slide film due to its challenging characteristics. But when you do, the results are stunning, even more so when viewed on the light table.

Lanai - Kaanapali Beach
Lanai – Kaanapali Beach Maui Hawaii

Elliot Creek Light – Darrington Washington

After setting up camp at Goat Lake I was rushing back down the hill to get to the stunning waterfall you pass on the way up. Lucky I wasn’t in too much of a hurry to miss the stunning light that was highlighting the river as it tumbled its way towards the falls.

Goat Lake - Darrington Washington - 10 - © 2018 Bill Evans.jpg
Elliot Creek Light – Darrington Washington

Rock Abstracts – Fair Isle Scotland

A second, and a third it seems, Rock Abstract on my list of FAVs for the year. I’m really enjoy searching out these types of compositions and when the light cooperates, dang, I’m overwhelmed.

South Light
Rock Abstract – Fair Isle Scotland
South Light
Rock Abstract – Fair Isle Scotland

Elliott Creek Waterfall – Darrington Washington

Ah, the Elliott Creek Waterfall that I was rushing down hill for. I find it amusing that I sometimes rush to get to a site on to be way early and “get” to wait for, sometimes hours, for the light to fill. But having extra time at this sweet waterfall wasn’t much of a hardship.

Goat Lake
Elliott Creek Waterfall – Darrington Washington

It seems that this year’s theme has been one of simplicity. Culling the things that can distract me and focusing on my passions. Sometimes saying “no” can be one of the hardest things in life to do, but I’ve often found that saying “no” is really saying “yes” to something else. Even if, at the time, I’m don’t know exactly what the yes is.

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