Taking a break from social media, Maybe a long one

Time is a most precious resource. That’s pretty obvious, but sometimes the obvious has a way of hiding in plain sight. Over the past 5 years that I’ve participated in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & 500px I’ve create 10s of thousands of posts and answered 1000s of comments. I’ve also made more than a few friends. But the reality, for me, is that time is getting hard to come by, so I’m leaving social media to reclaim some of those precious moments.

I suspect that I may get one or two comments questioning my sanity, so here is a bit of my reasoning.


I’ve already mention this but I have a bunch of projects that are pulling on me that just need a yes, and more time. These include:

  • Traveling and Shooting More – As I’ve mentioned countless times before, my desire is to develop a more intimate relationship with the locations that I shoot. Traveling to fewer places, but staying longer. Shooting more, culling harder and publish fewer, but hopefully, more inspiring images.
  • Darkroom Work – Since I have returned to shooting film I’ve rekindled my love for the darkroom. So far I’m loving everything about it, but darkroom work takes time and I need more of it. In addition, I’ve got a standing offer to join incredible friends and learn platinum printing. I’m getting kind of tired having to say no to that offer.
  • Invest in my commerical / real esate work – I can’t put into words just how much I enjoy my commercial and real estate clients. Over the years I’ve constantly pushed myself to find ways to improve the quality of images that I deliver. I want to continue that effort and spend more time and energy to and improve my commercial work even more..
  • Books & Magazines – I have a number of ideas for books and a series of small, self published Zines.
  • Workshops and Training – I’d have to say that my favorite thing in life is learning. The less I know and the steeper the learning curve, the more I enjoy the process. Which is one of the things I love about photography. It has an endless creative and technical learning curve. And one that I want to spend more time immersed in.
  • Exhibitions & Shows – 2017 was an exciting year of being able to present and show my photography. I’d like to continue that but have the time to push the quality and content to a higher level.
  • Blogging & Web Development – I’ve always found that maintaining a blog is an important part of my creative process. It allows me a format to share my photography, but it is also is platform for me to formulate and organize my thoughts. I’ve also, and will likely continue, to use it as a personal reference on the gear and technique I use and as place to post tutorials for myself and perhaps others.


Okay, I’ll be honest, this one isn’t really that big a deal to me. Perhaps I’m naive, okay I am, perhaps I’m ignorant, okay that too. But this more an icing on the cake thing for me.

Visibility and Quality

And this is really one of the biggies. Social media has continued to limit the reach user’s have with the folks that follow them unless we pay for the privilege. Around 5700 fine folks follow me on my Facebook page but I’m lucky if 25% of them ever see the content that I post. Add to that the degradation in quality of the images once they get uploaded and social media quickly turns into a pretty dang poor return on my time investment. So I’m going to invest that time into my own website and blog so I can maintains the highest quality that I can.

My Home

The reality is that my website and blog are my “home” and that’s where I’d like to put my efforts. Social media is always in a constant state of flux with new site popping up and taking the place of the old favorites. So I’m planning to get off the “Merry-Go-Round” of social media and stay home instead.

But what about all those great connections?

The fabulous connections I’ve made through social media is really the only reason I’ve hung on this long and I confess I’m quite torn on this issue. My hope, more of a prayerful wish, is that those who have enjoyed my work and our connection will follow me on website or blog by participating and commenting.

Time Table

I deleted 500px last week and Instagram and Twitter will go this week. And then finally Facebook. I’ll probably just deactivated it to start but I might permanently delete it also. Time will tell.

Well that’s about it. I sincerely regret if this upsets any of the wonderful friends who have given me so much kindness and support all these years. But I hope you cans understand this choice and maybe make the effort of checking in on me from time to time.

11 thoughts on “Taking a break from social media, Maybe a long one

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  1. More power to you, Bill! I have been on the brink a few times now. Took a first step by uninstalling Facebook from my cell. So far so good! I might just follow in your footsteps and take the plunge. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement Carmen. It’s not an easy step that’s for sure. Although social media seems to be working harder and harder to give us a nudge out. Cheers, Bill


  2. If you’ll keep your blog…I’ll still follow you. I understand how time consuming social media can be. Follow your heart and grow.


    1. Thanks Don. And absolutely the blog will continue. Might get a post or two a month more spammy. 🙂 But honestly I quite like blogging now and again so thanks for following along. Cheers, Bill


  3. Hi Bill, Sorry to see you go, but I fully appreciate your approach. It seems that society keeps telling us we need more when in fact we all need less, I’m sure it will make a positive difference. I’ve always enjoyed seeing your work, and you’ve been quietly inspiring in your consistent effort… well done you! Have a great life… if you ever find yourself in Australia, you’re more than welcome to drop in for a beer. Cheers! Peter Dunphy


    1. Hey thanks Peter. One of, maybe the only, the hard things to leave behind with social media is the chance connections with other inspiring photographers. I guess I’ll just have to work a bit hard to track um down. Thanks for the beer invite. I’m bit crazy and a sucker for good beer so you never know. Cheers, Bill


  4. I totally understand why you’re pulling out of social media, Bill. I only use Facebook and keeping up with it alone is a huge time suck. Digging through all the "sponsored posts" and the "suggested" posts based on my liked to find posts from real friends is a daunting task. I only stay on it because of some friends I made on Facebook.


    1. Thanks Sonja for your supportive comment. It’s really a shame since there are some wonderful aspects to social media. Leaving friends and connections behind is the hardest part.


  5. I, too, have recently given up Facebook and Instagram. So for me personally, this makes me happy, as I’m still following blogs that I love. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Lisa for taking the time to comment and for including me in your blog watch. I’ve been amazed at how many folks are following a similar path. I’m very much enjoying the simpler, more connected relationships I find with comments and email. And I don’t miss the ads all that much. Cheers, Bill


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