This is a collection of photos that I have taken with my Sigma DP1 & DP3 cameras. You can search the web for technical info on these unique cameras but I picked up the DP1 Merrill for landscape use based on its reputation for exceptional detail and its color rendition.

This was the first photo I took. I literally charged the battery and grabbed the camera and headed down to the water. I liked this camera right away.

And a few more DP1 landscapes.


It didn’t take long for me to start looking at the other cameras in the Sigma Merrill line and I finally decided to compliment my DP1 with a Dp3. I added a Canon 500D lens and the Sigma Macro flash so I could experiment with close up photography.


The DP3 is a 75mm equivalent focal length and not one that I tend to use very much for landscape shots, but I have occasionally found times when it fits and I hope to get more comfortable as time goes on.

I am still figuring out the unique way these cameras capture images and the challenges they pose during post processing, but overall I think these are pretty special tools for capturing stunning images.

2 thoughts on “SIGMA DP1 & DP3 MERRILL

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  1. The picture with a path next to waters: it makes me feel I can start walking on the path to the distant trees. The picture looks so real. Great photography with a special camera.


    1. Indeed the Sigma cameras are special. Sadly the processing workflow was just inconvenient enough that I didn’t get on long term with the system. But the image quality is top notch.
      Cheers and thanks for you comment. Bill


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